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Dave's Journal
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Thursday, August 8th, 2013
5:45 am
And so, I will make what will probably be my last LiveJournal post related to the first...
Rita was originally found as an adolescent, either abandoned or as an escapee, in the heat of summer in Creston, a rather hot part of Northern San Luis Obispo county. She was taken in by a family with a ranch. After about three years, it was determined that she was a bad influence on the other dogs (she kept running away for days and the others would follow) and she was taken to Woods Humane Society. Almost immediately (within a day), a couple saw her and adopted her. But this home didn't suit her very well, as the other dog that lived there fought with her for dominance. And so, a little over a year later, we met the most wonderful five year old dog ever. She was very smart, very sweet, calm, good with kids--the very epitome of Man's Best Friend.

For almost eleven years, she helped make our house a home. Keeping my wife company while she worked from home, labored at home twice, and raised two infants. Protecting our children from strange dogs while on walks. And soothing our souls when we were in pain, be it physical or emotional.

In return, all she really ever wanted was a walk and to be petted when we sat still for more than a minute. Just a week ago, I'd been able to take her on our (then customary) hour long walks. We went slower than in years past, to be sure, but she always made it and was always excited when she even thought there was the remotest possibility that she might get to go on one.

And last night, as it became apparent that she's never be able to do any of that ever again, she died in my lap. Someday, we may get another pet. But I think we'll be hard pressed to find a dog as perfect as Rita.

Goodbye, baby girl. You'll always be our first--pet, dog, and if you get right down to it, child.

Current Mood: melancholy
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
10:24 am
Open the box!
So, smittyhalibut raved about a music site called Pandora. Originally, I had thought it was a way to find and download music similar to what you already had/liked.

Not quite.Collapse )

Current Mood: content
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
12:04 pm
I think I dropped the token and it fell into the ether... (update)
Normally, I'd just ask this on the BBS, but this gives me the opportunity to get input from a much wider range of people.

I've got a problem with an HTML form that makes use of javascript. Most of the time, it works great. But very occasionally, it causes the form to be submitted twice.

I'm using a submit button and an onSubmit event handler on the 'form' tag. The onSubmit looks like this:

onSubmit="if (!field_edits()) {return false} else {value='Please wait...'; document.getElementById('Submit_Button').disabled = true; document.getElementById('Reset_Button').disabled = true; submit();return false};"

I'm already aware the the "value='Please wait...';" part is a mistake and needs to be removed, but it doesn't seem to be causing errors on my system. The field_edits() call appears to be working correctly and prevents the submit when the things it checks are wrong. My guess is that it's because I'm manually calling submit() and then returning false to the onSubmit handler (preventing it from doing its own submit). But everything I've read about the submit() method says that it does not call the onSubmit handler, so it's not because it's looping through that event handler. Unless IE 6.0 doesn't work the way I expect it to.

Is anyone out there able to tell me, fairly definitively, whether removing the submit() call and changing the return to true will fix the problem I'm seeing?

UPDATE - Well, it seems that it's not the web page that's submitting the form twice--it's the USER. I should have known. Admittedly, they're submitting the form again because of an error, but the error is completely unrelated to the javascript.
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
9:53 am
Obligitory first post
Well, since I don't have kids, I'll have to be obnoxious in the next best way: bragging about my pet. :-)

Oh. My. God. Rita (that would be the dog) brought in the paper today. I was in the garage, grabbing some clothes off of a drying rack, and I hear trishaoksner praising the dog profusely. Now, this isn't THAT unusual, and the dog usually "helps" bring the paper in, but usually only by being there, the way a little kid helps with a project.

This time, I come in to the house to see Rita carrying the paper. she looked like she was going to take it outside, so I called her as she passed by me. She came back, and dropped it in front of me. THEN I find out that she picked it up only because trishaoksner said something like, "get the paper!"

We may manage to teach her to "fetch" after all...

Current Mood: surprised
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